Tropical Bohemian 1st Birthday

Usually when you think about a first birthday "Tropical Boho" doesn't usually come to mind, so that's EXACTLY why we wanted to attempt to pull it off for my sweet nieces 1st birthday. My girlfriend and I knew we wanted to do something different, soft, pretty yet comfortable and not stuffy. For seating we didn't want the typical table and chairs as we wanted it to be a backyard casual event so we got old pallets and covered them with lace linens and surrounded them with comfy pillows for people to lounge on and admire the strung up pictures of our girls first year.

The teepees allowed a fun and cozy place for the kids to hang out and play, and the pallet with drinks and snacks lent a great place for guests to easily help themselves to a drink or a tasty treat. 


Inspiration for the desserts was to carefully blend tropical and boho without going too far either way and I really think they turned out great. Our talented friend from Sugar Flour Bake Shop did an amazing job creating this cake and other yummy treats. 




The florals and balloons needed to be romantic and soft, yet colorful and fun. I loved using all the pink shades to create this garland and filling it with tropical and garden flowers, I even added a few doilies! I wasn't sure but it definitely added a touch of whimsy and romance.

The skies were really smokey from all the forest fires that day and it really lended us some beautiful almost rose gold lighting that we were happy to have. I love the way it looks like a beautiful romantic backyard celebration for a special little girls day. That's what parties are all about for me, once you add the decor, flowers and perfectly styled treats it's about spending time with your loved ones and creating memories that will go one to last generations.

Special thanks to all the amazing vendors who contributed to this day. 

Photography: Sasha Cooper Photography 

Cakes and other desserts: Sugar Flour Bake Shop 

Flowers: Maple Ridge Florist 

Donut toppers: Glitter Paper Scissors 

Balloons & styling: Little Rose Party Company with help from Jessica Clare

Hand lettered place mats: A little Love Creative 


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